Monday, October 10, 2011

birthday surprises

My very sweet, future daughter-in-law sent me a note.  In it she wished me a Happy Birthday and said, 'I hoped you feel loved on your birthday - because you are!'

Isn't that a lovely sentiment to express?  And boy, howdy, did/do I ever feel loved.  Jon and Kristi gave me some wonderful books by Elisabeth Elliot.  My favorite author!

Daniel gave me some warm Nordic socks for the upcoming winter months (and they came on time!).
The folks gave me some cash ( a girl can never be too old to enjoy cash for her birthday!).

My sweet hubby brought me this beautiful bouquet (the night before my birthday):

And as if that wasn't enough, he also gave me a single long-stemmed rose.  Love.
The maillady honked the horn in the driveway on the morning of my birthday.  She handed me a box which contained this spectacular array of lilies and carnations (from Nate and Michelle):
Later in the afternoon, while I was up in the big city for a pre-op appointment (do I know how to celebrate or what?), UPS dropped off these gorgeous roses from Lori and Richard:
And for the grand finale, moments after we arrived home from the doctor, Fed Ex pulled into the driveway with this miniature rose bush from Suzi and Tim.  Every year Suzi sends me one of these for my birthday.  I enjoy them in the house for a while, then plant them in the garden.  They come back every year. 

When the bouquets are beginning to show signs of drooping, I will dry the flowers and keep them for projects later on...specifically at Christmas time.  In years past, I have wired dried roses into my Christmas garlands for a very Victorian look.  Scroll down  to the bottom of this post to see a picture.

The vases will be kept for future bouquets from the garden.  I like to have a couple of vases on hand, but when I collect too many I can take them into my local florist for some free flowers!

So, Laura.  Do I feel loved on my birthday?  You betcha!

Thanks so much to my wonderful family for making 57 feel like a walk in the park.  Or should I say 'flower garden'?


Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

Happy belated birthday!

Those flowers are beautiful! And so thoughtful, too!

I hope you had a spectacular birthday.

Suzi Nelson said...

Wow! I guess no one wanted to send chocolate knowing that would be a bit cruel . . .
Hope your pre-op went well and enjoy your indoor garden!
Love you lots!
~Sister Suzi

Cheri said...

Thanks girls! It was a great birthday.

Thanks for not sending chocolate, Suzi....maybe next week. :)

Anonymous said...

A belated happiest birthday !!