Wednesday, October 26, 2011

free fall

We stopped and talked to one of our neighbors the other day,  I asked about his garden - 'Were those pumpkins, I saw?'

Yep. pumpkins.  And two days later he was on our front steps dropping off some of his bounty.
See the one on the top step?  On one side it is dark green, on the other light greenish/orange (see picture below).  I believe it is a pumpkin cross pollinated with a winter squash.  Or vice versa.  Pretty cool either way.  And so kind of our neighbor to be so generous and thoughtful.

The pumpkins will stay on the front steps until the first frost approaches and then I will bring them in and bake them.  After the flesh in pureed it will be frozen in two cup batches and over the next month or two made into pumpkins pies and bars.

We have not had a frost yet, but it did get down to 37 degrees the other night which was low enough to turn my basil into little black shriveled up leaves.  This was my second crop, but I shoulda harvested it earlier.  Live and learn.

Some other friends went to an apple farm and brought us about 20 pounds of apples.  They would not let us pay for them either.  After tonight's supper of chili, we will enjoy a warm serving of apple betty.


If you need a break from the sewing machine, but like to have a little handwork to stitch on in the evenings, good ol' Martha has a bunch of cute cross-stitch ideas.  Be sure to look at all the pages!

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