Monday, October 17, 2011

healing and stitches

Prior to my surgery, the nurse told me to drink lots of water the day before the surgery.  "It will greatly aid in healing." she said. 
What she failed to mention, and what I should have known being 2 score and 17 years old, was that the intake of water would also make an impact before surgery.  As in 3, yes, 3 trips to the little girl's room in the half hour before I would be wheeled into the operating room.
I'm sure I was a sight.  IV bag in right hand, left hand firmly clutching the back side of my hospital gown closed while scurrying down the hall.
However, the waterworks worked and my healing has gone smashingly well.  Friday, the day after surgery, I walked about 1/4 mile.  Saturday, 1 mile, and Sunday over 2.  I really feel great and am so thankful to GOD for His healing.
(By the way, thanks for praying for our neighbor, Ray. 
He is home now, but not doing cartwheels just yet.)
I have been stitching over the past few days as well, and have now finished embroidering/quilting three stocking fronts.  Hopefully I can show you the finished products at the end of the week.
It is nice to have some handwork to do when there is not much else to do.  No lifting anything over 20 pounds, no bending over...that leaves out moving furniture and scrubbing floors.  Not that those are my favorite activities anyway.

Quilting it is:
One stocking is for our newest granddaughter, Lainey.  The other two are a surprise, so I'll not spoil it here in case the intended recipients are reading this.

The stitches are only in the stockings.  They used no stitches on  me.  I am dermabonded together.  Purple dermabond at that.

This week things should get back to normal.   Many of my piano students were on fall break last week, but all should be back this next week.  I will be getting a new student today and another next week.

I'm working on my Christmas list and a few projects around here as well as a few challenges I'll share with you later in the week. 

Hope your week is off to a great start!
Oh, and the new look to my blog?  Total accident.  If you are on blogger and start fiddling around with Dynamic Vision make sure you have backed-up your original blog.

Otherwise you will lose your sidebar and if you are on dial-up it will take you more time than I care to spend right now to put things back the way they were.

Unless you like it this way?

Edited to add: I think I may have fixed it.  Yay/

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