Wednesday, October 19, 2011

notable visitors

Sunday evening, the doorbell rang.  I was very surprised to see one of my piano students and her mother.

They came bearing gifts: a homemade bag full of chex mix and the lap blanket pictured above.  Isn't that a perfect gift for a piano teacher?  They called it a 'prayer blanket' - a 36" by 48" rectangle of fleece, enhanced with musical symbols, fringed and tied on the edges. 

And bound with prayer.  Such a thoughtful gift!  I used it last evening as I sat and stitched binding on the Christmas stockings.  The temperature has dropped about 25 degrees in the last 12 hours and this lap blanket was a welcome addition.

The change of weather brought heavy rains - raining cats and dogs, one might say .  But things are much worse in Zanesville, Ohio where several dozen lions, tigers, bears and wolves, OH MY, have escaped from a game preserve. 

Praying for the safety of the people in that area.  It is a terrible situation.

Yesterday, while Pat was out fishing (and catching!) I was able to get quite a bit of work done.  The stockings are finished except for some final embellishments of ribbon and bells.  I think the bells are packed up with the Christmas decorations and I am not quite ready to pull those out yet.

One of mom's blouses needed a button hole, a project which I can put off almost indefinitely, but I got right to it and had it all done in about 20 minutes (why do I procrastinate on jobs that really don't take all that long - am I the only one that does that?).

I spent some time plotting my next sewing project.  Perhaps these sweet dresses for the granddaughters. 
Done up in flannel and worn over long sleeve onesies and warm tights?

I also made some banana muffins (which will really hit the spot on this cold, rainy day - I think  with a cup of hot chocolate, hmmm?) and spent some time working on  my blog.  You will notice some additional links - places I periodically check for inspiration and instruction. 

Hope you find them helpful!

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