Tuesday, October 11, 2011

on grandmothering

.  There is a rather silly local commercial that plays once in a while  in which a woman of my age (or beyond) talks about her son's children. When another woman in the commercial refers to her as a grandmother, she reacts in horror.

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I love being a grandmother.  I don't deny it, I embrace it.

How could one not like watching the next generation hiding God's Word in their hearts.  Josh is in AWANA Cubbies and has already memorized a few verses in the last month.

Most notably: "God loved us and sent His Son."

One evening I told him it was time to go to bed.  He expressed disappointment, but I told him since it was dark outside, it was time.  He ran to the window to verify and said,

"God loved us and sent His moon."
(three year olds do not understand homonyms I find)

If there is a camera in the room - there is Joshua.  This was to be a  picture of Grandma and Sadie, who were dressed alike for the day (mint green tee shirts, black pants).  Before Daddy could snap the shot, Josh scooted a kitchen chair so he would also be included.
And as the song says, "How sweet to hold, a newborn baby..."  Holding your child's child instantly transports you back almost thirty years in time.  I have more pounds, more gray hairs and more wrinkles but also hopefully more wisdom. 

These pre-school days fly by and there is so much teaching, training, loving and enjoying to be done.  It is hard for a sleep-deprived mommy and daddy to understand this, but kids - it is true.  So true.

Lainey, what will the world be like when you are my age?  What will you be like?
This is the picture without Josh.  Sadie is a little sweetie.  At 15 months, she communicates very well.  Not necessarily with words but with sweetness and love.  As Jon was dropping me off at the airport, I climbed into the back seat to kiss Josh and Sadie good-bye.  Josh was excited for me - You ride in Grandma's airplane? he asks. (did y'all know I own a regional jet?   - not).  Sadie received her hug and kiss and words of affirmation and love.  Her little 15 month old eyes welled up with tears and her little 15 month old lower lip began to quiver.  She seemed to understand that I was going away.

Josh tickles my funny bone, Sadie tugs at my heart strings.  Lainey - all of ten days old has kept me on my knees.  She is almost at the right levels for bilirubin.  I'm currently making a quilted Christmas stocking for her and each stitch represents a lot of love and prayers.

It is a marvelous responsibility to be a grandma.  One I cherish and though a thousand miles separate us, these three are on my heart and in my prayers every moment.

May they all come to know and serve Christ with all their hearts, with all their souls, with all their mind and with all their strength.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't stop laughing from Josh's "moon" comment. So funny! Very precious kids. Linda

Lady Farmer said...

and my favorite saying...
If I'd known having grandchildren was so much fun, I'd have had them first!

It truly is one of God's greatest gifts, this grandparenting!

Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

I love Josh's line: "God loved us and sent His moon". How sweet.

I cannot fathom why any woman wouldn't LOVE being a grandmother. Nana is the BEST "title" I've ever had ... one I cherish more than words could ever explain.

My oldest grandson (9 y.o.) asked the other day why I regularly check on the littles while they take their naps. I had to explain that caring for them is a huge responsibility, one I take very, very seriously.

I've said it before, but I mean it ... DH & I would have retired to the beach in a heart beat, but I couldn't have stood to have moved 13 hours away from these precious little ones.

I love them "too much".