Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A week in photos

Meeting our sweet Lainey for the first time.

Sweet dreams, precious!

Big brother is momentarily enthralled.  Shortly after this photo, he was off investigating all the cool equipment, bells, whistles and wires in the room.
Wouldn't you want to come home from the hospital dressed like this?

Grandma, Josh and Sadie were rear-ended on their way home from the hospital.  No one was hurt.  Grandma is soooooo thankful!
Boo.  Jaundice.  Lainey is our little glow bug, wearing a bili-blanket.

Brother and sister in the back yard.


Lainey bug is back in the hospital (sad) as her bilirubin levels are still too high.  They are coming home though and we hope to get her home tonight!  Unfortunately for Grandma - I fly home tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

A little sweetie pie....congrats !!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! So glad you could be there. Linda