Thursday, November 03, 2011

enough part 2

Whether it started a few weeks ago, when I looked for jingle bells to finish the Christmas stockings I made, or a few days ago as I emptied a shoe box of Operation Christmas Child, I decided I must get the minutiae of my life organized.

No jingle bells were to be found - in either my gift wrap box or the one Christmas box I knew would have them - though I had this nagging feeling that I had just purchased some last year.

The shoe box held a disparate collection of bits and bobs of things - a garter (?), broken jewelry, a die, bobby pins, ribbons, halfway decent jewelry, empty jewelry boxes, a golf tee (?), sewing notions.

After throwing away the useless things, I took the sewing notions to my sewing basket.

If I thought I had enough office supplies to last the rest of my life, whether I live three more years or thirty, I certainly have enough sewing notions to last the rest of my life.

Dozens of needles (embroidery, quilting, tapestry needlepoint carpet making, canvas sewing-because you never know when you might need to make a boat cover), hundreds of pins, seam rippers (2), scissors (2), rotary cutters (2), spools of thread (a few dozen) and about one hundred skeins of embroidery floss, 6 embroidery hoops and a partridge in a pear tree.  I do not take full responsibility for all the floss; this collection contains not only mine, but Mom's and Grandma's.  Not to mention hooks and eyes, snaps, and various lengths of bias tape and seam binding.

I have three sewing baskets* (I didn't buy any of them), 5 pincushions (I didn't buy any of them), enough yardage for four projects. That is one area I have control over - I know my finely honed propensity for procrastination, so I only purchase the fabric I need for current projects - no stash here.  Oh, and enough fabric scraps to make two or three quilts.

Again, I am both embarrassed and amazed at all the stuff I have in the sewing department. 

Need anything monogrammed or embroidered?  I'm your girl. Thankfully my niece Emilee wants to learn to embroider and hopefully in the future I can teach Sadie and Lainey to stitch.

Taking up sewing?  Don't buy anything - call me first.  I have a notion that I have more than enough notions to supply all of us.

* One of my sewing baskets contained 'dog tags' for my husband and brother-in-law.  These were made pre-1958,when they were young boys, according to the address listed on them.  How they got in my sewing basket, I don't know - but I'm guessing they weren't there until after my mother-in-law's death in 2004.  Regardless, I obviously need to clean out my sewing basket more often.


Anonymous said...

Maybe your daughters-in-law would like a set of what you have in excess for Christmas! Personally, I'm still trying to find my paperclips. (I know I bought a box.) Linda

Cheri said...

Good luck with the paperclips - and don't buy anymore - I will mail you some!

Great idea about the needles for my d-i-l's. I can make some sweet little needle cases for them!