Friday, November 04, 2011

enough part 3

Thanks for bearing with me on my journey of counting paper clips, needles, pins, glue bottles etc.

I'm almost done, I promise, and there was a purpose and perhaps a lesson in all this.

After reading this blog post,   I thought perhaps the writer was referring to his mother (that would be me) when he said, "However, I haven’t felt like I’ve had anything to say as of late…at least nothing that is worth blogging about (not that that ever stops other bloggers)."   {bold letters-mine}

He has a point, sometimes I blog about things that are of no value whatsoever, but this week, I have been processing the minutiae of my life.  How did I get all this stuff?  Why do I still have it?  How should I best use it?

Today, I look to my kitchen.  I have 4 sets of dishes (all gifts or inherited), 4 sets of flatware (we only bought one set used, the rest were gifts or inherited), enough glasses to stock a bar (not that we would) and more coffee mugs that most barristas have.  And a big punch bowl with 50 cups ( I got this at a garage sale over 30 years ago for $5!).

I have 30-ish cookbooks. Most were gifts or inherited.

GOD has promised us life - abundant life.

 I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  John 10:10b - the words of Jesus.

 He has also given His followers spiritual gifts - gifts to use for His glory in building the body of Christ.
He has provided me with an abundance of stuff in several different areas.  It makes sense to me that I should use these 'gifts' (not spiritual, but physical) to bless others.  They are not mine to hoard and keep to myself.
I talked to some gals at Bible study yesterday.  They make lap quilts for those who are sick and suffering.  I will be giving them yarn and  embroidery floss for tying these quilts.
The dishes and the cookbooks?  I want to 'practice hospitality',  
Romans 12:13 says:
Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.
I can do a much better job in this area.  And I will.
Also, I plan to try out at least one new recipe every week and share it here with you.
I am so blessed to have enough - and so much more than enough...I have an abundance. 
Hold me accountable won't you?  Watch and pray with me as we reach out to neighbors and friends.
We have exciting news to share - the best news - that GOD loved us and sent His Son.  We will use paper clips and needles and thread and home cooking and whatever means we can to give this marvelous news to our neighbors.

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