Monday, November 28, 2011


"As soon as you get close enough to them to try to help them, you're introducing this host of competing values and creating desires in them that they didn't have before," Wallace says. "They begin to forget how to hunt traditionally; they want shotguns, they want shotgun shells, blankets, all sorts of stuff. Right now, as they are, they can live in the jungle completely free of the world's money, economy and thrive quite well."


A story about an unreached tribe.  Those studying them do not wish to sully the tribe with 21st century's values and diseases.

 We are not so careful with our own culture.

 Tired of Christmas commercials yet?  Their purpose is to create desires that you didn't have before.

  How I wish we could live "completely free of the world's money, economy and thrive quite well".

 But then, I always feel that way - whether we are talking about Black Friday, indigenous tribes or, well, anything.   ~Smile~

My sisters were together over Thanksgiving.  One of the dinner guests was trying to figure out which sister my little sister was.  Apparently, one distinguishing feature is that I, the absent sister, am the one who would actually make pumpkin pie out of a ...pumpkin.  LOL.

Yes, I  have always been the one to do things the hard way, the frugal way, the old-fashioned way.  And to do so unapologetically.

Given that, I am thrilled to be able to teach a course in frugal living to the women in our local shelter (a faith based organization). 

Since there is no curriculum, I'm developing my own.  I have spent the last several days in the book of Proverbs.  I found 99 verses on economy - they neatly break down into three categories:

Be wise.
Be diligent.
Be good.

How like GOD's Word to have everything we need for life and godliness. (II Peter 1:3)

These will be a great foundation for all the tips I'm eager to share with the gals.  I just need to be careful not to scare them off with some of my 'black-belt' tightwad ideas.  Teehee.

I'll keep you all posted on the  progress.  I plan to develop a notebook for each gal - something she can take with her when she leaves the shelter.  My goal is to have things ready to go by the beginning of January (thanks, Linda - you inspired me!).


My niece Emilee and I had fun stitching together after Thanksgiving dinner.  She designed and mostly stitched the little kitty and the label below.  She accidentally left it here, so I turned it into a sachet using fabric from my scrap bag and lavendar from my garden.

Frugal, yes? 
I'm training Emilee too - she just thinks we are having fun. 
Little does she know. 


Anonymous said...

Hurrah for people who still make pumpkin pie from PUMPKINS! I am thrilled you are using your gifts to teach at the shelter. Christian Financial Concepts is also a good source of information. (I think you said once you've done that study?) It was so good to get a dose of your frugality as the "presents" pressure mounts. I am goaling (I just made that word up I think) toward love gifts and relationships and not so much meaninglessness. For me it has to be so INTENSELY INTENTIONAL because I wander back into the world's thinking so quickly and feel so sad that I can't afford things sometimes. So I am goaling (certainly properly raised people don't use that word) to be INTENSELY INTENTIONAL about being happy about Jesus and not sad about stuff. Love you and miss you! Linda

Cheri said...

Goaling is a wonderful new word, Linda!

And we must be intensely intentional or we will succumb to the pressures around us!