Monday, November 21, 2011

grand's gifts

The ad for ToysRStuff was in the Sunday newspaper a few weeks ago.  A BIG catalog.  I carefully searched through the pages for something I might buy for the grandchildren. 

I only found  one thing in that whole catalog that I might perhaps pick up for three year old Josh, but it was so unremarkable that I have since forgotten what it was.

Same thing with the KMort ad.  And don't get me started on MalWart.

Thought on gifts for grands:

  • Parent approved - we don't want to go against Jon and Kristi's wishes or values in what we buy for their children
  • Safe - age appropriate, spiritually appropriate, and  not recalled, not something that will hurt them
  • Gifts that do not compromise our Christian values
  • Promotes creativity when possible.  I would much rather give them a package of marker or crayons and some paper or a box of dress-up clothes than the cutest, most up-to-date whatsit that will simply sit on the shelf.
  • Whenever possible - not something made in China
  • Whenever possible - something handmade by me or someone on etsy or from our local fair trade store
  • Books are always a good idea
  • Preferably not plastic (exception: Legos).
Those are just a few guidelines that come to mind - I'd be interested in hearing any that you have.
As they grow older I would rather spend money buying experiences - trips, lessons, shared experiences.  Kristi has already told Josh that someday Grandma will take him camping.  But he is a bit young for that now.  In a few years, LORD willing, Josh and Grandma will take the tent and head to the woods for a few days.
In the meantime, I'm still hunting for gifts.  Kristi gave me a few ideas and I came up with one on my own.  This little peasant blouse for Sadie (fabric -detail above-Mary Englebreit for Moda purchased a few years ago).  It is such a sweet little blouse, I would love to have one for myself, except it would look like a maternity top and that is not the look I'm going for.

If you have really mad skilz (and a mad skilz saw) you can make one of these like our friend Tonia and her husband Mike did.

Talented folks.  I have my eye on another gift for Sadie, but instead of buying it, I just might try my hand and making it by hand.

Thanks for you comments on my last post.  It seemed to resonate with a lot of you (comments and emails).  I cross posted it on a forum I infrequently frequent and got lots of comments.  One person suggested that 'everyone' copy it and send it to their Congressperson.

Interesting.  Many seem to think that corporate CEO's as well as  Congress type peeps have no clue how those of us down here in the trenches live.

Maybe we should take a straw poll.  How many on our Congressional officials have ever darned socks?  Could this be a new criteria for electability?

It was a productive weekend here.  I roasted our front porch pumpkins and pureed the flesh.  It is all frozen in two cup portions - a pumpkin pie's worth in each bag.  I made a few loaves of bread.  After cooling the loaves, I sliced and cubed them and the cubes are drying in the oven.  The oven was still warm from making one of the desserts for Thanksgiving Day.  And...I've already sauteed the celery and onions for the stuffing (or do you say dressing?). 

A little bit of preparation each day makes for a much more enjoyable Thanksgiving feast.

(Oh, and please don't show this post to Sadie.  I want her to be surprised.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Cheri! You might like this idea. I have a 2,3,4, and 5 year old in my clan and embroidered a big smiley face and their name on a washcloth, and backed it with a second washcloth so the back of my embroidery didn't show. (For when they need to see a smile in the morning.) We say stuffing. Wow. You really do prepare ahead. I saw so many funny ways to cook a turkey on tv this week! One of them puts coffee beans in the cavity and lets them roast there...for some reason it had to be dark beans...I can't imagine why. Another covers the whole turkey in cheesecloth soaked in butter and cooks it that way. I think I will still make the traditional turkey with herb stuffing. It speaks "Thanksgiving" to my family! Love you and miss you. Dan's doing a great job in everything he attempts. Linda