Monday, June 18, 2012

paralyzed by perfectionism

photo taken prior to adding binding
Many years ago (10?) I bought a pretty dresser scarf at an antique store for 10 cents.  No floss, no color chart - just the scarf.  It languished in my unfinished project box for quite some time.  I wasn't sure what colors to use, I didn't know how I would finish the edges....excuses, excuses so I did nothing.
A few years ago after discovering that prolonged 90 degree day heat spells keep one just as house bound as 20 below zero days, I pulled it out and got to stitching.  I finished the embroidery that long, hot summer,  but still wasn't sure how to finish the edges, so back into the box it went.

Then, one day I pulled it out again and decided to make it into a lap quilt.  I cut out bunches of 2.5 inch squares for a border.  Then I wasn't sure how to quilt it, so back into the box it went.
Seeing a pattern here?  When I am unsure of how to do something, I quit.  I don't want to do it wrong, so instead - I procrastinate. 

However failing to make a decision is a decision in and of itself.

Fast forward to the use it up challenge. This project is on the list.  I am doing what I call 'rustic' quilting.  It will never win a prize, but it will keep someone nice and cozy on a cold winter's night as they sit and read or stitch. 
After completing the quilting I sewed the binding on. 

Unfortunately I had a major blond/senior moment (do you realize how difficult life is when you have both of those conditions working against you?). I sewed the binding on the wrong side of the quilt.  I was so tempted to put this thing away (or in the garbage...).  But instead, I stitched the binding to the front with a decorative stitch.  Necessity being the mother of invention and all that.

And another 'use it up' project is completed.


Next up: a black skirt.  Por moi.


Anonymous said...

that turned out beautifully! someone will be so happy come christmas time! ~ bama

Anonymous said...

fantastic! I also am a procrastinator....such a big word for put it down and do nothing.

It looks great!

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