Saturday, June 16, 2012

rainbow sherbet skirt

I'm happy to report that my first projects in the 'use it up' challenge are completed.  And just in time too.  Our sweet granddaughter Sadie will be celebrating her second birthday (!) and I wanted to commemorate the day with a few handmade items.

The pattern for the skirt came from Anna Maria Horner's Seams to Me book.
The directions were clear and the skirt went together quickly.  Love the added quality of French seams. But when I finished it, it just looked way too big.  Fortunately one of my piano students has a little sister who is almost exactly Sadie's age.  Her mom  (thank you T.!) brought over one of her skirts for comparison and sure enough, the one I made  was 1/3 again too big.  I searched the internet for errata for that particular book, but found nothing for the Bo Peep skirt.  Could it be that I am the first to make it for a two year old?'

So I deconstructed the skirt (at this point not loving the French seams quite so much as it meant twice the ripping), and corrected the bulk and finished it up in about an hour.  Can't wait to see it on her

The second project was a tote bag to go with the skirt.   Cuz a girl's gotta have accessories.  The pattern for the tote came from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing Book (thanks Nate and Michelle!).

I've made several things out of this book.  Including this tote.  The instructions call for an interior pocket, but I thought it would be fun to make an exterior pocket in the form of a flower pot.  And yoyos and buttons for the flowers.  So now I've used three buttons out of my button stash.  Only two more quart jars full to go!

It was fun to do a little stash busting with these projects.  I hope Sadiekins enjoys her grammie made gifts!


Peggy said...

Adorable! I know she will love them and will treasure them for years to come. Good job!

Anonymous said...

i love that tote bag! the flower pot is super cute.

great job on using it up! :) ~ bama

Becky Towner said...

Great job on skirt and tote. You are really creative and Sadie will love them.

Professor Johnson said...

Very nice Cheri. You have become quite the sewer!! FYI, burlap is the in thing for weddings these days, so I glued a few buttons on the ends of the burlap table runners for Abi's wedding. I used up a bunch from my jar and they added just the right touch.

joyful joy said...

Really cute, Cheri! I just had a little grand daughter so will be in the spirit of little girl sewing again.

swansmith said...

You must have the crafting genes in the family--they skipped me for sure! Lovely work, made with love! <3