Thursday, June 14, 2012

wedding bells

Note:  I wrote this post a few months ago, but never published it. 
It has been a rather full year so far, this 2012.
There have been some life changing events around here this year.  One of the biggies is that Daniel and Laura tied the knot.

We couldn't be happier.

They were engaged for over a year, which is a rather long time to be engaged, but just the right amount of time to plan the perfect wedding for them.

Their wedding was featured on the Minnesota Bride magazine website and though I may be just a bit prejudiced, I think the photos are stunning.  The article explains a little bit more about the 'theme' for the wedding.

It was a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend. We enjoyed relaxing with and getting to know Laura's family.  Delightful people.  I love watching how GOD melds together extended and in-law families.  There were many conversations and lots of laughter and rejoicing.

Sadie, our 21 month old granddaughter was the flower girl.  So cute.

 And Josh, who is almost 4, was the ringbearer (sorry for the pixilated pic - not sure why that is). Josh with Uncle Daniel, who for some reason has been nicknamed 'Futty' by Josh.
Our hearts were filled with joy as we watched our youngest get married.  Joy for their happiness and gratitude for the beautiful daughters-in-love GOD has brought into our family.

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