Tuesday, November 13, 2012

hitting the stash

A quick perusal of the toy store circulars that have been coming out in the papers recently revealed a disappointing array of cheap plastic stuff.  Or evil characters (what is up with all the vampire and zombie garbage?).  Even l*g*s, usually a safe standby had vampires and vampire hearses.  Sigh.

Well, not for my grandkids.  Not from this grandma.

So, I dug into my fabric stash - pictured above.  Two antique baskets, one copper boiler and two bedding bags full of bits of fabric.

I had forgotten about this piece.  My petite sis bought a maxi skirt (about three years ago).  The length overwhelmed her small frame, so I chopped a good 12" or so off the bottom (with permission of course) and hemmed the skirt for her.  But I couldn't throw away that much fabric.  12" by 60".  Surely someday it would be good for something.
In the ensuing years GOD has blessed us with two beautiful granddaughters.  This fabric will be perfect for skirts for them.  I can just see them twirling around the room in them now.  And there is plenty of fabric left over to applique hearts on and tee shirt and make matching headbands.
I also decided to make them each a rag doll.  I came across a Better Homes and Gardens country craft magazine from 1986 (!!!!) with a cute rag doll pattern.  The dolls are in the works now.

They won't have square heads :) -just needed the extra fabric to embroider the faces. 

Love raiding my stash and finding everything I need to make some cute and hopefully well-loved gifts for the girls.

I have a self-imposed deadline of next Monday to finish these dolls.  So check back in next Tuesday to see if I accomplished my goal!


thatmom said...

Can't wait to see the finished product....I LOVE making rag dolls!

Charlotte horant said...

Wow!!!! Love!!!! Your amazing!!!!!