Friday, November 23, 2012

The Anniversary Tour

 The dates were the same 39 years ago.  Thanksgiving on Thursday the 22nd; November  23 (obviously) followed.  The year was 1973 -the year of our marriage.

My poor mother.  Her thoughtless daughter decided to get married the day after Thanksgiving.  Company, cooking and a wedding.  In an unfinished chapel.

But friends of ours got together out of love for us and the kindness of their hearts and hid the uninstalled organ pipes behind curtains and taped wood-patterned building paper to the center aisle.  Chairs were set up.  It was transformed from a construction site to a wedding platform.

The chapel was to have been completed in late August - in time for the start of the first semester.  Consequently, we had no concern that it wouldn't have been ready for our wedding.  But it wasn't.  My poor mother.

Many weddings have been held in this chapel in the ensuing years.  But we were the first.

Pat and I are currently spending Thanksgiving with Nathan and Michelle.  Daniel and Laura came down from Wisconsin.  Sadly, Jon and Kristi and the grands are too far away.

Nate and Michelle live fairly close to our old stomping grounds, so we left the kids for a bit and took a little anniversary tour.

We stopped by the chapel.  It was locked; no weddings today.  The campus was undergoing some renovations here and there and our  minds were full of memories; our hearts -gratitude. Our wedding day was warm for late November.  Not so today.  The winds were a blustery 20+mph.  The temperature 30.  We  didn't linger outside.
 We stopped at our first apartment in an old brick Victorian.  We had the front apartment with a big picture window.  A stained glass transom topped the window.  We paid $135 a month.

Below is our first 'home'. Pat's dad bought this and set up the family business in the back part  of the house.  Pat and I both worked there, along with Pat's dad.  The house looked nothing like this when we lived there.  No  fence.  The dark brown stain is a memory, as well as the huge old willow tree.
The above tri-level was our rental home from 1983-1986.  We had two little boys at that point.  They loved
climbing the old mulberry tree in the front yard.  It was a great house and a great yard for two young boys.

So many wonderful memories.  We relived many of them on our tour.  It has been an incredible 39 years, blessings, trials, heartaches and joys.

Walking hand in hand with each other and with the LORD for these 39 years -3 sons,  3 beautiful daughters in love, 3 precious grandchildren -I'm blessed beyond measure.

Thank you, Patrick, for unconditional, caring, forgiving love. And heavenly Father - thank you for the your amazing kindness to me.

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swansmith said...

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday and anniversary were wonderful! Can't wait to see you both at Christmas time!

Love you,