Friday, December 07, 2012

rag dolls

Finally finished.  And popped in the mail yesterday. 
(Remind me to tell you about my experience at the post office.  We had ourselves a little testimony time while we waited in line!)

I loved the process of stitching these dolls for Sadie and Lainey.  Even though I had to draft the pattern for each body part and each article of clothing, even though, the instructions were flawed (although it could have been the instruction reader who was flawed), even though this took much longer to complete than I initially thought...due to circumstances beyond my control....

The satisfaction of sending the girls something handmade - especially when I had all the supplies on hand (except for the hair) is wonderful.  Yes, I feel smug.  But also blessed.

Sadie and Lainey will not understand until they are grandmothers themselves, should the LORD tarry, the prayers and love that are stitched into these dolls. 

Enjoy, sweet girls!


Granny said...

I found your blog through the link on HT. The dolls are adorable. I hope your grandaughters treasure them. Handmade items are so special.

Professor Johnson said...

I still have the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that my sister gave to me when I was young. Handmade dolls are a treasure indeed!! You are blessed!

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