Saturday, February 02, 2013


A brisk 3 mile walk to exercise the body and clear the head.

A quick shower.

A cup of tea in my hand, I sink into the corner of the couch and place my Bible in my lap.

This is my favorite way to start the day.

This year as I read through the Bible, I am searching for the Holy Spirit to teach me in whatever way He sees fit.

But I am also looking for one word in particular.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Cheri. Have taken Romans 12 for my chapter for the year and was struck with the first verse right off the bat....Paul wanting to stir up something in me, so that it permeates all that I am....this stirring up being done by remembering the mercy/pity/active compassion of God toward me to meet a need I could not meet...this REMEMBERING that results in yielding the right of way to Him. I love that REMEMBERING involves actively engaging the mind. Blessings, Linda Doud