Friday, August 09, 2013

The legacy

60 years ago today this beautiful blue-eyed lady said 'I do'  to a young man who had moved to her small town in southern Illinois for work.
They raised 4 children and whenever Dad said 'Let's go!'  Mom said, 'Okay!'

From Illinois to Nebraska to Illinois to Washington to Tennessee, they lived, loved, worked and raised their family.

They taught their children to love the LORD and to serve HIM and others.  Mom and Dad taught Sunday School for many years, Mom presented the lesson, Dad was the enforcer.  ~smile~

After all four kids left home, Mom and Dad began a grand adventure.  They lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Romania.  When Dad said, "Let's go!" Mom said, "Okay!"

Life for Mom was not especially easy in Saudi or Egypt where women were treated as second class citizens.  Church was held in secret.  Romania was not much better, with a repressive Communist regime, loneliness and sporadic electricity and hot water.

During this three year stint, Mom and Dad, especially Mom worked hard to secure the adoption of my niece Christina.

After retirement, things did not slow down.  They bought a motor home and criss-crossed this great country several times over the course of several years; visiting family, friends and many points of interest.

The traveling stopped when Mom was diagnosed with  Alzheimer's over 7 years ago.  They have borne this difficult challenge with grace, dignity and faith in the One who loves them immeasurably more than they could ask or imagine.

Now, Mom resides in a Memory Care facility and Dad moved to be a stone's throw away from her.

She doesn't know his name anymore, but she lights up when he walks into the room.

60 years sounds like a long time.  Mom and Dad have managed to pack a lot into the time.  They continue to amaze and bless those around.

One of their friends recently told me, 'I have never known a love like that.'

The have set quite an example.  Well done, Mom and Dad.
And Happy Anniversary.

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swansmith said...

They have set a wonderful example! Thanks for posting this, Cheri! Love you! ~SuI