Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crafty intent


I am not a fabric hoarder by any stretch of the imagination.  I do not buy vast quantities of fabric on sale and wait for the perfect project to pop up.

However, after decades of sewing, the scraps, well they do accumulate.

It is time to do something with the 'accumulation'.

I have made the above Christmas stockings for Nate and Michelle, for Daniel and Laura, for Josh, Sadie and Lainey (Jon and Kristi already had stockings).  I enjoyed making all 7 (!) of these.  So, in anticipation of new additions to the family  someday, LORD willing, I will make more of these stockings this fall with my accumulated scraps.


I wrote this post last fall.  No stockings were made.  The fabric scraps languish in two (rather large) baskets.

I'm committed to down sizing my scrap stash, but I always work better under pressure.  So I'm putting this out in the webiverse.  Before we move again (our lease here is through September), I will use up the lion's share of my scraps.

Hold me accountable, K?  

What projects do you need to get done?  Any UFOs (unfinished objects) lurking in your closet, basement, back room?

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