Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our town, is a very, very, very fine town.

I love our little town.

I love the fact that we are actually living in town now and I can walk everywhere: stores, library, coffee shops, bank.  So convenient.  Yesterday as I was walking one of my friends joined me for a few blocks.

I can also walk to my volunteer work ( which I love).  Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting with 2 women and discussing the Bible.  Each chat was well over a half hour.  They were grateful and I was blessed.
Most years our volunteers fire department makes an ice castle.  This year's is pictured above.  They cut the ice from Silver Lake and assemble the blocks in the center of town for all to enjoy.

At night it is lit with colored lights.  When I stopped by the other day, there were dozens of snowmobiles parked near the castle.  It was hard to get a photo without a person in it.

I'll be returning to take a picture of it next week, because a little princess is coming to stay with Grandma and Grandpa for a few days.  I have a long list of fun things to do with three year old Sadie.  We will be sure to visit the castle!

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