Friday, February 21, 2014

Tech knowledge-y

"We've got an emergency here."

Knowing that my 87 year old aunt was driving from North Carolina to visit my 84 year old dad, I steeled myself for the news.

"Your aunt can't get her iPad connected to the internet."

Oh.  Well, then.

I spent 20 minutes or so  teaching my aunt the finer points of internet connectivity and reminding my dad where the password for his hotspot is.  Some of us may be a little hard of hearing (ahem), so there may have been some yelling.  But only the nicest kind as a means of helpful repetition.

Before a half hour was up, she was connected and Dad was relieved that he wouldn't have to spend too much time entertaining her.


Actually, pretty amazing siblings.

These siblings text each other.

They know how to use GPS.

They have Facebook accounts.

They spur each other on to learn new things.

They always make me laugh.

They enjoy life.

They are not afraid to hop in the car and drive a few hundred miles to see each other.

They are among the smartest people I know.

When they were growing up, they had no indoor plumbing.  They didn't even have any electricity except what Grandpa generated himself using a kerosene powered motor to charge the battery bank in the cellar.  The charged batteries were used to power the single light bulb over the kitchen table.  Or the radio.  Or one or two other things.

Grandma and Grandpa raised 5 kids.  During the Depression.  And I'm sure there were lots of emergencies.

But not one of them would have dreamed that a failure to connect to this amazing tool called the  internet would be among them.

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