Thursday, February 27, 2014

Visit from Sadie

Unsupervised selfie by Sadie

Alas, I have not been able to load all my pictures of our time with Sadie.   Before her arrival I busily pinned preschool crafts on Pinterest, assembled paper, glue, cotton, storybooks...

When she got here much of  that  went out the window.

Her favorite activities were:

Playing piano (she figured  out how to use the different digital settings with no help from Grandma)
Playing with play dough ( a thoughtful gift from Auntie Laura)
Playing with a golf tee game ( these are common at Cracker Barrel), complete with a unique set of rules by Sadie which enable her to win every time.
Sorting buttons
Counting.  That girl loves to count!
Making 'tookies'

We also went to a friends' house.

Sadie is charming, sweet, fun, funny, happy and stubborn.

I can't wait til she comes back.

We were busy, busy, busy and happy, happy, happy!

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