Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My favorite appliance

It has been about six years since we last fired up our old wood stove.

For decades, Pat would cut the wood, the boys and I would split, stack and then haul it into the house.  I have so many wonderful memories of the boys and our old dog, Marshall, romping in the snow as we filled the sled with wood and hauled it to the family room door.

After the work was done, play ensued:sledding off the garage roof (yes), flips off the house roof and other fun and semi-dangerous antics in the snow.


The wood stove came in handy as coats, boots, hats, mittens, snow pants dried as they were neatly (not) positioned around the stove.

There is something so satisfying about a neatly stacked woodpile and a full wood box and the steady radiant heat.  I miss those days, even the hard work and mess.

A wood stove brings a warmth that no other heat source gives.  And although, it was not technically a cook stove, I did cook on it.

I love doing things the ol' fashioned way.

We are on the look out for a new home and high on my 'want' list is a good ol' fashion wood stove.

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NEDP said...

This house doesn't have a wood stove. My in-laws heated exclusively with wood until just a few years ago but ironically Derek is deathly allergic to wood smoke! I wonder if a stove was built a little tighter and maybe in the basement instead of in the living room he couldn't take it a little easier.

My dad and I have discussed installing some sort of burner in this house but retrofitting is no easy task. One home we looked at when house shopping had a russian stove in the basement encased in beautiful pink marble. Each floor had the exposed chimney with metal grates surrounding it so the heat could flow through the entire house. It was amazing. But Derek took one look at it and gave me the "I don't think so" face. ::lol::

I hope as you are home searching you find the perfect dream home for your dreams now. Those are best for making the new memories!