Sunday, March 16, 2014


When we moved back to the Northwoods ...

we lightened our load by 3,000 pounds.

we gave up 700 square feet of space.

we re-evaluated our activities trying to follow GOD's leading and be very intentional about what we ought to take on and what we ought not ( including a very enjoyable Lenten break from Facebook).

More recently, I've been trying to streamline some other areas of my life.  

However, I should not congratulate myself on how much we have down-sized.  This week I was brought up short by the 6th chapter of Mark.  In verses 7-12,  Jesus sends the disciples out two by two.

They are not to take:
Extra tunic

They may take:
A staff

They go into neighboring towns and stay in one place.  They cast out demons, preach repentance, heal the sick.

They completely trust GOD to meet their needs.  They have not just down-sized, they have eliminated everything but the most basic of needs.  They do not carry food or shelter.  Even my sparest camping trip would be extravagant by these standards.

These instructions were given specifically by Jesus to His 12.  It is not a blanket prescription for all believers.

But I wonder.  How much would I need to let go of to be COMPLETELY dependent on GOD?

A little bit more, another 1,000 pounds, another 700 square feet?

These are the things I ponder when sleep is hard to come by in the middle of the night.



Anonymous said...

Yes. Thinking of the freedom to come with less stuff. I'm trying to take a Trigs bag full of stuff either to the thrift shop or to give to friends each day during lent. Not just about dependence on God, but I think about what I am most hungry for too. I read this morning about the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ that Satan tries to pull us away from. Had a bag of soft fuzzy brown flannels to give to you Sunday but missed you, so Courtney's daycare got it instead! Blessings in lessness! Linda

Cheri said...

Good job Linda! Yes it does bring freedom. The blessedness of lessedness?