Friday, April 25, 2014


For the past several years, I kept my outside activities to a minimum, so I could be available to my folks.

Now that we are back in the Northwoods (for four months already!), I have been filling my schedule, slowly but surely, with several different things:

*Bible study (teaching one, participating in another)
*Piano lessons
*Volunteer work at a pantry
*Teaching children's church from time to time
*Beginning a mentoring program at church (currently in planning stages)
*Playing piano at local assisted living facility (beginning soon)
*Helping lead devotions at a bridal shower
*Some  BIG sewing projects

In addition we are available to drop everything and go help our kids (like last weekend).

My morning walk consists of praying and plotting the day's schedule.  This is necessary for me to keep on target.  For a bonus this morning I got to see a nesting pair of ducks and 5 turkeys.

All of the above take several hours a week of preparation and planning.  And executing.

And I love it.

May my to do list never look like this:

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