Saturday, April 26, 2014

The ol' home place

My sis and her hubby are touring the place of her birth, Omaha, Nebraska (made famous by Peyton Manning...OMAHA!).

She has visited two of our childhood homes there.

The folks in the white house (no, not that White House), bought it from Mom and Dad in 1968 and have lived there ever since.

Lots of great memories and stories from Omaha.  I'm so glad they got to be there and snap these pictures.

And why is it that our childhood homes look so much smaller to us now that we are all grown up?

Random memories:

There were 13 or 14 steps from the main level to the upper level.  They were carpeted and we would spend hours bumping down those stairs.  One of us had smashed a small piece of an Oreo cookie on the wall one day.  For some reason it was hysterically funny to go past that spot and say 'hi,Oreo!'

Peals of laughter.

The swing set in the backyard got quite a workout.  And we would sing and swing. At the top of our lungs.  Especially a cheery little ditty about the Titanic tragedy.   Lyrics here:

None of this finished basement stuff in that house.  We had a proper cement floor and support poles and a washer and dryer and an old speckled (!) upright piano in that basement.  We would roller skate down there and whip around those poles.  Our skates were attached to our shoes  with skate keys.  Anybody remember those?

After reading that the composer Franz Schubert had died while composing his 'Last Symphony', Suzi refused to practice piano by herself down there.  If she would find herself alone down there, she would come upstairs running and screaming, 'Schubert's ghost, Schubert's ghost!'

Great excuse for not practicing by the way.  Hope none of my students read this.

It was in that same basement that Suzi threw one of those viewfinder cameras at me.  My permanent teeth were not in yet, but she still managed to chip one of them ( it remains chipped to this day, but I bear her no ill will).

There were a batch of neighborhood kids on that street.  It was on a hill.  We would tie up all our cars, trikes, bikes, and other wheeled things to each other and fly down the hill together, usually ending up in a bloody mess at the bottom of the street.

It was awesome.

So, so many great memories.  I had such a happy childhood, bloody teeth, elbows , knees and all.

I am so thankful!


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