Monday, May 05, 2014

10 months of winter and two months of tough sledding

There is no point in posting a picture of today's snowfall, today being May 5.  Yes, I said May.

No one in these here parts needs a visual of what is now coating the grass outside.

But we northerners take a perverse delight in this 'hardship'.  For it gives us future bragging rights:

"You think your weather is bad?  We've had snow on May 5th.  MAY!"

It makes us feel tough.   

Now yesterday was a walk in the park.  Literally.  Pat and I had a leisurely stroll through the park across the road, down by the river. It was a gorgeous day.

 Later I heard of a friend who had been outside with her dog.  After their outside adventures, they picked 20 ticks off the dog.

Did a tick check before bed last night.  All clear.

If it ain't ticks, it's snow.  Yep, we are that tough.

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