Friday, June 06, 2014

Homeward bound

After six months of house hunting; not including two years of looking on line, we are finally under contract to buy a home.
Picture taken prior to grass greening up and trees leafing out- it looks much better now!

If all goes well, we will be closing five weeks from today!  Moving day won't be until September.

We will be doing some cosmetic work to update the interior.  And when I say update, I don't mean trendy or expensive.  I mean freshened up.  New flooring; new paint; new shades.

My goal and my heart's desire is that our home will be a welcoming place to family and friends.  Cozy, comfortable, uncluttered.

The next few several weeks will be busy as we make choices, begin to pack (again!), make a trip to Tennessee with one of my sisters, and have all the kids and grands come and visit.  

I will try to be better about chronicling the journey here.  Writing it down helps me process and make decisions.  And it will be fun to look back later on the chaos.  :)


Norma Pennycuff said...

I missed this somehow! Congrats congrats! Sooooo happy you have a home! And it looks perfect. Attached garage, mostly one floor living (judging from photo) and doesn't look like it is right in town!

So happy for you!

Cheri said...

Thanks, Norma! We are excited too! You have all the details right! Can't wait to show it to you!