Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Beyond measure

    Oh what a wonderful day!  I highly recommend turning 60.

Friends and family blessed me beyond measure throughout the day with words, gifts, emails, texts.
There were so many highlights, but I will share two here before I head out the door this morning:

1.  A photo book, assembled by my daughter-in-love.  She interviewed the grands and their wishes and thoughts for me.  So precious.

2.  A gift certificate from my birthday mate who well knows my sentimental heart.  It is for next spring.  I am to buy a bleeding heart to replace the one left behind 3 moves ago.  ( pictured below).  It was a gift from dear friends after my miscarriage in 1987.  It bloomed each year right around the time of that loss and was such a comfort.  And so is having a friend who knows me so well.

I feel loved.

Now it is time to head out the door to spend the day at the Needs Pantry.  It is my mission to make our guests there today feel as loved as I do.

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