Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blogged down

Most mornings I have a clear agenda in mind of what I want to get done.

Walk. Devotions. Shower. Those are givens.  Then I have a vast array of interesting things that I love to do that I can chose from.

Sewing. Cooking. Piano. Children's ministry. Bible study.  Reading. Organizing. Blogging.

Many days I get to a few of those things, but not all.

But today, I feel like my tires are spinning.  One lengthy phone call from one of our town 'characters' stopped my momentum in its tracks.

So, now here it is almost 10a.m. and I am just now getting around to putting up a post.  Not the thoughtful one I intended to put up, there is no time for that now.

Maybe tomorrow.


We have not hung up one picture in our house on our newly painted walls.  Until today.  While hubby is at the gym I got out a straight pin and put up this little needlepoint I made for my in-laws nearly 40 years ago.


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