Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Foraging and fellowship

Yesterday was smother sunny, golden day in the Northwoods.  I spent a pleasant half hour picking crab apples at our old house.
I harvested a gallon in no time at all and plan to go back and pick again.  I will be able to put up at least one batch of jelly which will see us through the year.  I'm so thankful to GOD for those beautiful little fruits and thankful to the current resident for her generosity.

Last night we enjoyed having 10 folks here for Bible study.  We had some good discussion with more to come as we feel more comfortable with each other.

We told everyone we would be done by 8ish, and we were, but almost everyone stayed until 9:30!  I love that!

Thank you GOD for this beautiful home.  May everyone who enters feel Your peace and comfort and want to linger...

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