Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I ignored a little bit of the food preservation I had to do while the grands were here.  We were busy doing other things!

I bought many pounds of cranberries during Cranberry Fest.  Too many, I thought, after canning a dozen or so pints of sauce and freezing some whole berries.

I still had nearly a gallon of cranberries left.  What to do?  Consult some of my ancient cookbooks.

The above Boston Cooking School of Cooking Cookbook belonged to hubby's grandmother.  Copyright 1940.  The world was a very different place back then.

The cranberry juice cocktail recipe looked easy enough.  And it was!  Not only that it was delicious!  So fresh and refreshing.  Much better than store bought stuff.

I cooked the rest of the berries into juice.  It made about a gallon.

I wish I had bought more cranberries.  Next year, LORD willing, I will buy enough to make enough juice to can.

Here's to homemade cranberry juice cocktail!

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