Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Like a piece of toast

One of the boys had a soccer coach.  A very intense, athletic, energetic fellow.  He said that he didn't just get out of bed in the morning, he popped out of bed like a piece of toast.

Though I normally get right out of bed in the morning, today I was just a wee bit tempted to roll over and spend a few more minutes between the flannel sheets under the heavy comforter.  Cozy.

But then I remembered the events of yesterday and my quoting of Scripture in yesterday's blog.

Teach us to number our days....

So, I sorta popped out of bed, not quite like a piece of toast, though.

There are so many reasons to get right out of bed.  First of all, because I can.  What a privilege!

Second, I get to spend a portion of the day ministering to others.  Funny thing is, they in turn minister to me.

Third, the grandkids are arriving today!

(Yes, they are bringing their parents.)

The next few days will be spent playing games, singing songs, playing piano, coloring, making things, walking in the woods (see above photo), baking, teaching, etc.

Looking forward to this (understatement of the year...).

During my morning Bible reading I was meditating on the passage in John 1 that we are studying.

These words caught me eye: "So they went and saw where He was staying and spent that day with Him."

New disciples, anxious to spend a whole day with Jesus.

Even though my activity level is high today, and there is a lot to do; I will also be spending the day with Jesus.

I hope you will too.

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