Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Today's agenda is serving at the Pantry all day.  We serve dozens and dozens of folks each Wednesday and process dozens of bags of clothing, as well as the paper products and toiletries we give away.

We have coffee on and comfy couches available for folks who drop in.  One of the local coffee shops sends baked goods our way.

Many of our guests come and sit and stay a while.  Some of them don't have heat at home, but we had a furnace installed two weeks ago. Thank you GOD for moving the hearts of donors to give.  Norther Wisconsin winters can be brutal.

In addition to clothing and toiletries, we more importantly offer a listening ear and prayer if our guests are agreeable to this.

We hear amazing stories of fear, frustration, but also of faith.

A warm place, with a warm welcome.  People like coming.  And staying.

We like that too.

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susan said...

What a beautiful way to spend your day. Thank you for reminding me to make a drop off at the local food pantry. With the temps beginning to drop, I think gloves and hats might be in order too. The people near you are lucky to have a place to go in and warm up and have something to eat. Blessings to you.