Sunday, October 05, 2014



It is funny how a wet, cold, windy, dreary day can turn out to be a delightful day.  

A stop at our favorite coffee shop (the house blend for the fisherman, chai tea for me) was followed by a cold walk in the rain.  We strolled by dozens of booths at Cranberry Fest and saw hundreds of beautiful handmade items that we did not need.  So, showing great restraint, we did not buy them.

We DID buy a slice of cranberry cheesecake for each of us.  Smooth, rich deliciousness.  I did not eat again until supper.  So filling!

A quick stop at the grocery store for more cranberries and craisins (yes, they were on sale!) resulted in visiting with some old friends we seldom see.  Then on home to wait for an out of town friend to stop by.

This friend is my daughter-in-law's sister.  She and I share the same birthday, though not anywhere near in the same decade.  We had a great visit, she toured our home and I picked her brain for decorating ideas.

After she left, I got serious about canning.  4 pints of crabapple jelly, 6 pints of cranberry sauce.  I still need to process 1/2 bushel of tomatoes and another 5 pounds of cranberries.

The pantry is starting to fill.

Preserving food, preserving time with my hubby, preserving friendships.  A good way to spend a Saturday.

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