Tuesday, October 14, 2014


                     So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. 
                     Psalm 90:12

This verse has been running through my mind ever since we learned that our daughter-in-loves father was given only weeks to live.

The privilege of days of health and activity are not to be squandered.

The call came early this morning from our son.  Mike had died a few hours earlier.

Unfortunately grief is not a stranger to our 'kids'.  They have walked this path before with grace and strength and dignity.

Our hearts break for them.  We want to fix this, to protect them from pain.

We can't.  Instead we watch as GOD uses them to minister to those around them.

And we pray.  That the GOD of all comfort will comfort will help them in their time of need.

We have confidence that HE will, for that is what HE has promised.


Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to have you posting on a regular basis again! I'm happy to know that you are back again at the place that you love so. Your new home is beautiful!

Your blog posts are always a treat and inspirational.

Thanks so much for sharing...

Mary Jo Barlow
Ethel, Louisiana

Cheri said...

Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Mary Jo!