Friday, October 31, 2014

So ...this happened... 1960 two little girls dressed up in flannel angel costumes, which their smart mother had purchased for them.  Smart because this garb doubled as Halloween costumes and warm nightgowns throughout the winter months.

On Halloween the two little girls, one six, one nearly three donned their angel gowns. However, their mother did not take them trick or treating for she was too busy.  Instead of going trick or treating with her daughters she went to the hospital to have another girl.

The six year old and the almost three year old went trick or treating with their dad.  Rather than saying 'trick or treat' to their neighbors, they said, 'we have a baby sister!'.

I remember that night well.  Best Halloween ever.  Happy birthday lil sis!


So this happened......



So this happened.......

I have blogged every day in October.  Personal challenge met.  I'll be taking the weekend off, but plan to continue blogging 5-6 days a week.  

I think.


Another 3-4 hours of work and I should have this, my 8th stocking, finished.

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swansmith said...

Lovely post! I'm sorry to say I don't remember that day, but I just talked to our sister to wish her a very happy day! Looks like you've had a productive month--happy All Saints Eve/Halloween!