Friday, October 10, 2014



If I want to write a letter (does anyone do that anymore?), this is the spot for me.  An antique spinet desk loving restored overlooking the woods and the pond below.  In our peaceful bedroom.


But if I want to study, this is the place.  Our kitchen has a well-lit peninsula.  Plenty of space to spread out my notebook, file folder, Bible, iPad, cuppa tea and Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.  I love flipping through the concordance, discovering the Greek meaning of a word ( I need  to use the concordance 'cuz otherwise it is all Greek to me ;)).   I jot down notes and questions and outline how *I* think our Bible study should progress.

Then we meet on Thursday and the discussion and the questions take on a life of their own ad we see how the Bible is a living Book with real answers for real problems, inspiration for daily life and the remarkable story of how much GOD loves us.

Love the preparation time, love digging into the Word with our group.

And if that all isn't enough, and it certainly is; there's this:


Leftover birthday cake. 

 Just within reach.  

Now that's studyin'.

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