Saturday, October 04, 2014

The to-do list grows

I went to the big city yesterday and visited the most wonderful store.  We call it the Amish store, but they owners are not really Amish, but some type of very conservative Baptist.  I stocked up on a bunch of food, including the cabbage and cauliflower below.  They are ginormous - way bigger than my head.

I also got a half bushel of tomatoes to can, in addition to the crab apples I still need to process into jelly.

Plus, it is Cranberry Fest so I will probably head into town to buy more craisins and cranberries.  I need to can up some cranberry sauce.
If I get all my kitchen work done (hahaha), I will head to the basement.  In order to get any sewing done for the grandkid's Christmas (in 47 days), I will need to bring some order out of this chaos.
Yes, those are dead fish.  Those are the first things that will be organized out of my chaos.  :)

Lots to do around here.  It is a dreary rainy day and there is some talk of the rain  turning to s-n-o-w.  We immediately shush that kind of talk. But this weather does tend to make one concentrate on indoor projects.
Hope you all (both?) have a wonderful, productive weekend.  And I hope I do too!

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