Thursday, October 30, 2014



Another interesting day at the Needs ministry pantry yesterday.  Oh, the stories I could tell you!

But in the interest of confidentiality, I won't share.  Suffice it to say there are many broken, hurting people.  So we pray, we encourage, we provide clothing and toiletries for free; coffee and baked goods and a listening ear.  One lonely gentleman stayed for almost three hours.

One thing we don't provide?  Bail money.  Yup.  Somebody called our director and asked to be bailed out of jail.

One thing I have been pondering as I read and re-read John 2, is Jesus' lack of limitation by time.  He changed water to wine, a process that takes months ordinarily, in an instant.  

But people are messy.  Christ can change a life in an instant but then there is a process of growth.  Breaking old habits.  Making good choices.  Dealing with the consequences of prior decisions.  That takes time.

The One who turned water to wine sees our messiness.  He forgives and redeems.  In an instant.  Then, we need to be willing to spend the time it takes to turn from the past and embrace our new life in Christ.

And the reward?  

Eternity with Him.  Talk about rising above the limitations of time!

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