Monday, October 27, 2014


I heard the familiar crunch of leaves as I swept out the garage. I looked up and saw a fawn staring at me.  

She stared at me, cautiously.  I contined my chore, thinking she would lose interest and leave.

She didn't.  She actually followed me around the yard.  She kept her distance, but watched me - no longer cautiously, but curiously.

I went in the house and came out with the end slices from a tomato.  I tossed one toward her.  She flinched, but didn't bolt.

She nuzzled through the fallen leaves, found the slice and munched on it ; now looking at me boldly.

I tossed the other slice her way and she gobbled that one down as well.  She eventually sauntered off, unafraid.

It is pretty amazing when you have a close encounter with a wild animal.  I hope she does eventually develop a healthy fear mechanism for her own safety.

But as she lingered near me, sometimes as close as 10 feet, she seemed very comfortable.

She made me think of the command issued multiple times in Scripture: "Fear not!"  

Fear can be paralyzing, but when you walk with your Heavenly Father, who loves you with an everlasting love, there is no place for fear.

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