Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What she said


We are slowly making our way through the book of John in our ladies' Bible study.  Slowly, as in after over a month of studying together we have progressed all the way to chapter 2.

But that is okay.  There is much to savor, ponder, reflect upon in John (I say that about whatever particular book of the Bible I may be studying).

These words, by Mary, mother of Jesus, stopped me today:

His mother said to the servants, "Do whatever He tells you."

And you know what?  They did.

And they were privileged to not only witness, but be part of Jesus' first recorded earthly miracle.

The changing of water to wine.  And not just a little bit of water into a little bit of wine.  He changed somewhere in the neighborhood of 120-180 gallons into wine.

And not just any kind of wine, but the best wine.  When folks were too inebriated to care.  Still, only the best.

Mary's words echo in my head.   "Do whatever He tells you."

Even if it is inconvenient or awkward or doesn't make sense?


You may just witness a change.  Maybe not water to wine, but perhaps a changed life or a changed circumstance or a change of heart.  

Or a changed attitude.  Maybe even your attitude (or mine).

 "Do whatever He tells you."

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