Saturday, November 29, 2014


It was a whirlwind trip.  A little over 48 hours from start to finish, including travel time.

The highlights:

  • being together.  Simply being together under one roof.  Any mama with an empty nest will understand this.
  • watching the boys together.  Lots of banter, a fair amount of silliness, but also hearing them talk about ministry, share worship and music ideas, church trends, and move and assemble furniture and baby things for Michelle and Nate's first baby - due in 9 days!
  • watching the girls together.  In the kitchen, in the nursery.  Excited talk of the baby to come between these three beautiful young women I am privilghed to call daughters.  The nursey is all set up now, as they sorted and organized everything.  All we  need is a baby!
  • watching the grandchildren.  At  6, 4,and 3, they are old enough to  understand what is going on and be so excited.  We not only celebrated Thanksgiving, we also celebrated Christmas.They loved their gifts and had a blast playing.  They were very grateful and it was fun to watch Josh the first born, throw away his wrapping paper as he opened each gift.  A neat boy, that one.
  • spending time with my sister and nephew who made the trek out to enjoy Thanksgiving with us.  it is always great to catch up face to face.
  • running in to friends of ours at our lunch stop about halfway between  home and the kids'.  We had not seen him for at least six years! 
  • we like to keep our gift giving low-key; focusing on the True Meaning of the season.   We typically give the grown kids money and the grands one or two modest gifts. We have told the kids we don't need anything.  This year the stinkers ignored our wishes.  Michelle filed away my comment about my being a little limited in being able to blog from my iPad (can't post links).  The kids chipped in and bought me a laptop!  I was blown away by their thoughtfulness and generosity.  Gotta really step up my blogging game now!  Expect lots of links!
It was such a great Thanksgiving/Christmas.  I chafed a bit at my limitations in being able to help in the kitchen or the nursery.But my one-armed handicap gave me more time  to just be.  Playing with the grands, talking with the kids and my sis and nephew.  Just being present.  What a great present!

And now, because I can, here are a few links for your reading pleasure:

With all our Christmas shopping DONE, I think I will order this book as we have time to spend a more contemplative month. 

There are some interesting looking advent devotionals through YouVersion here ,here and here.

And just for fun?   This.

Today is Small Business Saturday.   I got all the gifts for the grands at our local small businesses.  Stress free shopping at its finest!

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