Sunday, November 23, 2014

Herein inscribed

The view from the couch is a lovely one.  The fireplace, the woods, the antique oak cabinet filled with mementos of 41 years (today!) of marriage.

There is a collection of five books by Henry Van Dyke.  They are gorgeous.  (Poor photo above does not do them justice - this is the best you will get from a one-armed picture taker on a foggy, gloomy day).  Van Dyke also wrote the words to Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee.

These books were gifts from Pat's great grandfather Elijah Jay Rogers to his beloved wife DeDe.

Written in Spencerian script in the original books, here are the beautiful inscriptions penned in these thoughtful gifts:

Our twentieth wedding days anniversary greetings:
Some ups, some downs, mostly ups.  It is good to be able to help one another and feel the congenial companionship that has been ours for these twenty years.  
Very sincerely yours,
Jan. 1, 1908


Dear Mom,

Today we are twenty-one.  Who'd believe it?  The time has been so short and most of it well spent in trying to live for others instead of ourselves.  If He in whose Hands all time is sees fit to give us 21 years more together let us hope that it may be used wisely for the serving of our day and generation.

Very sincerely, 


Dear Mom,

For all the joys I've brought you I am glad; for the sorrows I am cast down and hope that the succeeding years will find them far between and diminishing in degree.

Very sincerely yours,

Jan. 1, 1910

To the above inscription DeDe responded:

You have brought me no sorrows my dear Pop, so be not cast down.  I'm the happiest little woman in the whole wide world after all these years.
"Surely goodness and mercy have followed me all the days of my life."

I love these quaint inscriptions; the fond formality of these two who truly did live their lives serving others.  It is a wonderful legacy, an inspiration and a gift we hope to live out and pass down to our children, grandchildren  and beyond.

Happy 41 years today, Patrick.  I cannot imagine that He in whose Hands all time is would see fit to give us another 41 (!), but I delight in using every day He gives to serve our day and generation.  


                Elijah Jay Rogers 

Van Dyke's hymns

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