Sunday, November 09, 2014

Winter walking

When I donned my boots for my walk this morning it was still dark.  I couldn't tell how much snow had fallen, but thought boots were in order, so I wouldn't be fallin'.

A light snow was drifting down and it was very still.  The only sound was my breathing and the crunch of my boots.  The only tracks were mine along with some deer and some mice.  The only sights were delightful ones.  No car tracks.  Snow covered pine boughs, snow plastered tree trunks, the cozy feeling of a pre-dawn sky.

Now that I am home I will light a candle for a soft glow against the grayness of the outside.  Bible in lap, mug of hot tea in hand I will once again read wonderful, familiar, eternal Words.

And then begin preparations for church.  Review the songs I am teaching the children and pray for our youngest who is preaching this morning.  Though I will miss the first five to ten minutes of his sermon as I teach the children, I am so thankful that I can hear some of it.  The rest will be listened to online later this week.

The snow seems to make our fall decorations a little out of place, but it is Thanksgiving in my heart.

Thank you GOD for our beautiful corner of the Northwoods and for your innumerable blessings.


Ann said...

Enjoy your little corner of the north woods today! Who was the woman who said that anyway?

Cheri said...

Ann Gerlach. :)