Friday, December 12, 2014

all things slow

With my injury   and my phlegmatic personality,  I am very comfortable with a calm, unhurried way of life. That is not to say, I don't care to be productive, I do.  But I don't care to be productive in a frantic, frenetic, frenzied way/

Slow is comfortable for me, So when I heard of the slow food movement, I thought, yes, please.

And when I read about the slow fashion movement, I thought that was an idea I could get on board with.

But this?  This really resonates.

Slow Christmas.

I read of this the other day in the book The Greatest Gift by accomplished author Ann Voskamp:

We could set aside the to-do lists that profane the inner mysteries and slow to see the weight of glory in the moment at the sink - the divine design of a day that unfolds with a grace that is not to be missed.  The hallowed here.  Hurry always empties a soul...slow.

We have celebrated Christmas.  No more shopping to be done; the presents were purchased, wrapped, opened, enjoyed.

There is a great advantage to have all of that done by Thanksgiving.

Now, to contemplate.  Savor.  Sit in a quiet room lit only by candles or twinkle lights and reflect, relish, revere.

Listen to music and marvel.  Celebrate the joy and the lavish love the Father has bestowed on us.
That first Christmas planned in eternity past, promised centuries earlier - that was slow.

That trip to Bethlehem while great with child - that was slow.

That search for a resting place - slow.

Take some time to slow your Christmas.   See the 'weight of glory'  the 'hallowed here'.

You won't find that at the mall.

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