Tuesday, December 09, 2014

the neighbors

They feel very comfortable here.  Before the snow fell, we would see them and they would see us.  We stare at them; they stare at us.

In the pre-dawn light, you can see them resting in a balsam thicket at the edge of our septic field.


After Thanksgiving, Pat tossed our decorative pumpkins from the front porch into the woods (they had frozen and thawed while we were gone and in my present one-armed state I was in no shape to cut, cook and puree them).
It was fun watching the deer knock the pumpkins off the stumps and kick and stomp them to access the innards.  I think they enjoyed it too.

It took them a few days to eat the 5 pumpkinsicles.

The day before yesterday, Pat put out our bird feeders.  Actually, they should more accurately be called squirrel feeders or deer feeders.

The morning after Pat put the feeders out, before we had even bought any sunflower seeds, there were three deer expectantly waiting beneath.

These new neighbors of ours?  They feel very comfortable here.

This will make gardening next spring very interesting.

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