Monday, December 22, 2014

To the future

I spent the past several days hanging out with this sweet little boy.

I was very reluctant to put him down and even more reluctant to leave him, even though he is in very capable hands.

I became a grandmother for the first time in 2008. Again in 2010 and 2011.  And now in 2014.  This privilege, blessing and responsibility blows me away every time...

I think of the world my grandmothers grew up in.  Electricity was not readily available.  One grandmother never drove or worked outside the home.  They primarily wore dresses, gardened, preserved food.  Telephone calls were rarely made, particularly long distance.

I don't believe my paternal grandmother ever flew in an airplane.   

Life has changed so much.

My paternal grandmother turned 60 in 1960.  I turned 60 this year, 2014.  Cal will be 60 in 2074.

The mind boggles.

If Jesus tarries, what will the world be like when this precious little boy is my current age?

No telling; but as I gave him his bottles, stroked his auburn hair and listened to his coos, I prayed for him.  That first of all he would become a man who would follow Christ whole-heartedly.  That he would honor his parents and love his family.   That he would discover early on his God given gifts and use them to glorify Him.

I don't know if GOD would allow me a long enough life to watch Cal graduate, marry, become a father, but I thank GOD that HE will go into the future with this little guy.

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