Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What happened?

There were both blessings and burdens during 2014.

The hardest thing was the death of our daughter in law's father. 

 Two months later one of our other daughter in law's grandmother died.

I got vertigo in September and shattered my elbow in November.

We bought a home in July and moved in September ( shortly and thankfully after I recovered from vertigo).

The most joyful event was the arrival of Calvin Michael.  What a blessing and not only a fantastic way to end the year but the best birthday gift his daddy ever got!

And 2015?


I'm looking forward to seeing what God's plan entails.

I have a few challenges in mind for myself, not the least of which is regaining the full use of my left arm.

The doctor told me yesterday that he is very pleased with the healing of my poor shattered elbow ( thank you, GOD!).  I don't have to wear my brace around the house.  Woot!

It can take up to six months for all the swelling to go down.  I need to work on full extension as well as getting my left hand up to my mouth.

If I only ate with left hand I would be HIGHLY motivated to get that hand to my mouth.  :)

So, happy new year to both of my readers.  Looking forward to our next year of adventures!


Kathee said...

So glad that your elbow is healing and you are brace-free around the house. I know, as in all you do, you will give rehab your best effort!

Cheri said...

Being brace free is very freeing!