Monday, January 05, 2015

abundance and blessing

a good day for stitching - hope to finish up the hand embroidery today

As I read over my previous post, I realized the challenges that intrigued me, except the Bible reading plans, were about deprivation.* 
That is so like me.  My mother would say, “Why does Cheri have to do things the hard way?”

I have no good answer for her, except that…I like a challenge.

I like telling the story about having no money for milk, but after searching through pockets and cushions coming up with just enough.

I like the smug feeling of satisfaction that comes from cutting a tube of toothpaste in half and getting another week’s worth of tooth brushing from what would ordinarily be thrown away ( yes, people, start cutting your toothpaste tubes in half – you are welcome!).

I like the space in my closet, the fact that my wardrobe is spare, pared down and just enough.

The goal however, is not simply austerity, though with my temperament that is a worthy goal.

The goal is to be a blessing.

Making my toothpaste go further, my wardrobe minimal, enables me to save money to bless others.
So my lofty goal for 2015 is to continue to live simply and frugally, not to be a hermit or a miser, but to use the money saved to bless others.

GOD has allowed us to buy this beautiful home in a beautiful spot.  I want to fill it with friends, and laughter and singing and the study of GOD’s Word.  I want to bless others as HE has so richly blessed us.

Of course today, it is 22 degrees BELOW ZERO, so it is not likely anyone will be stopping by....

Unless they are like me and really like to do things the hard way.

* (I recognize that I am in no way deprived and how rich I am to be able to CHOOSE to do without - for many it is not a choice.)


Kathee said...

Abundance and blessing...yes and yes!

Norma Pennycuff said...

Yes! The blessings of abundance and the willingness to respond after thoughtful consideration. All about it.